Friday, January 25, 2013

jump on it

Since the kids had Monday off from school we met up with some friends for lunch and then checked out Jump On It for some air-time. Despite being packed (apparently all the other moms had the same idea to beat the winter blues), the kids had a great time. 


Finley was all over the place and doing flips. He loved the rope swing until the teenage boys started teasing the younger kids. That kinda put a damper on it, but he rebounded quickly and was soon having fun again.

Berlin had fun but got nervous if anyone was on the same tramp as her. I have to say, she is more like me in this respect. I've always liked jumping on trampolines, but I like to jump by myself. Other people jumping all over crowding me out makes me nervous and panic. It didn't help when Finley bounced her in mid jump and she landed weird and hurt her back and bit her lip (as you can see in her video clip below), but she was fine after a few minutes.

We'll have to go again but not on a holiday when everyone has school off. 

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