Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 2012

Yes, I am still catching up. Finally into November though :)

The first part of November we had a huge snowstorm. Though I don't like the snow and winter, it was fun to play in it with the kids. Ryan and Berlin built an awesome igloo, Finley pouted, and I tried to make a snow turkey, but it didn't really turn out.


The back field - a true winter wonderland of fun!



We also had the opportunity to go down to Provo to see my sister Emily dance in a friend's Senior Showcase. Emily is a dance major down at BYU and will graduate in the Spring. Berlin loved seeing her dance, and I have to say that the two showcases she was in were the best in the show. Just saying. Here we are afterwards with Em and my other sister Val.


and just cause we are crazy like that ...

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