Monday, September 24, 2012

bowling & glow golf

We had a groupon for dinner, glow golf, and bowling at Fat Cats that needed to be used so we took the kids for a mid-week family night. First we golfed. Ryan and I realized that this was the first time we had taken the kids miniature golfing. Finn did ok, but Berlin was the stiffest golfer I have ever seen. She struggled with it and ended up hating it. She was very happy to move on to the bowling part of the evening.

They are so much fun to watch bowl. Finley has improved a ton this Summer and no longer uses the rack. He has a couple different throws that he uses to get the ball down the lane (sometimes slow, sometimes fast). He even had a couple strikes and spares. Berlin still uses the rack, but insists on doing it all herself. The poor girl can barely hold the 6 lb ball, but she wants to do it all her own - which she did.

I love family nights like this. It was so much fun to hang out together and goof around. Love my little fam!

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