Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Bucket List - Cowabunga Bay

This Summer we had lots to do, from Track & Field, Basketball camp, lots of Bear Lake, canyon campfires, Swim Lessons, and more. However, a few things we've never done before with the kids made our  bucket list. And though we were cutting it close, I am happy to say that as of this last week, we crammed in Camping and a day at Cowabunga Bay.

On Thursday we took the kids to Cowabunga Bay water-park where they had fun going down the water slides, floating in the lazy river, and swimming in the zero entry pool. Berlin would only go on the 3 little kid water-slides. She tried a 4th one that was bigger and sat on Ryan's lap, but she hated it and from then on would only go down the pink, yellow and purple kid zone slides. Finley was a bit braver and went down all but one of the slides. His favorite - the purple slide that is pitch black all the way down.

Finley and Ryan getting dumped on by one of the big buckets of water.



It was a blast. We can't wait to go again next Summer!

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