Thursday, April 1, 2010

Got Spring?

If so, please, send it our way. From our previous post, you know we've had snow & colder weather. Thus, we've had to get creative in keeping busy inside. Here's what we've been up to...

While I've sewn & prepped for my final 3 boutiques, the have entertained themselves with tea-parties, legos, play-doh and more. I usually think I'm a pretty chill mom, but play-doh is one of the things that reminds me I'm not. In fact, play-doh causes heart palpitations as panic sets in. I hate playdoh because my kids can't just make something normal ... no, they go for making sand (or something with lot of little pieces). This means lots and lots of little slivers of play-doh piled high on the table and of course on the chairs and floor, and mushed into their clothes. It then gets tracked thru the house by their tiny feet on the way to the sink to clean up. Arg!

The kids are addicted to these books ever since I picked up a couple of them from the library a few weeks ago. This one is Finn's fave:

One of Finley's many Lego scenes scattered throughout the house (pic taken by Finn):

Finley loves drawing pictures of Rocket shooting down asteroids in space:

Hitting up the park on the dry but cold days:

And of course, LOTS of game playing. Here are their top 5 faves:
1. Cootie Bugs
2. Flip-Flop (Charlie & Lola memory game)
3. Candyland
4. Hungry Hungry Hippos
5. Dominoes

Here's to hoping we get warmer weather. Finley really wants to start riding his bike again, and I just want to get outside.

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