Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Nightmare Before Christmas

is a favorite movie of ours - not just at Halloween, but year round. When Ryan found this white pumpkin from Cornbelly's, he knew exactly what he wanted to carve. It was a pretty fun pumpkin - green on the inside and it smelled like a honey-dew melon.

Here are the before and after carving pics (most are courtesy of Finn, our resident photog, who amazingly takes pretty darn good pics for a 4 1/2 year old).



Here the kids are ready to go trick-or-treating. Berlin was the sassy and cute Alice and Finley was a glow in the dark skeleton.


 After 2 hours of trick-or-treating, we came home with plenty of loot and two very tired kids. Needless to say we were all very GLAD to have that extra hour of sleep-time Sunday morning.


aj&e said...

first, your pumpkin is amazingly carved!
second, aren't you guys supposed to age or something?! :)

third, just loves and misses from maryland.

Emily said...

That pumpkin turned out GREAT! And so did the kids costumes, did you make them yourself? They look like they had a great time!

marissa said...

oh the pimpkin turned out so great