Monday, November 23, 2009

Is it just me

... or am I the only one who thinks Lady Gaga is completely ridiculous and WAY over-rated? I've seen her in a couple interviews and on some shows and have never been taken by her look or music, but after watching the AMA awards last night (yes, this is what I did while Ryan watched the RSL soccer game last night on the laptop) all I can say is she is one of the worst performers / singers I've seen in a while. Definitely not a fan.

But I did love watching JLo fall on her butt. That was awesome. Especially when she got all ticked behind the scene when it was over. Nice to see and know that divas are human.

As for the AMA awards, it was a reminder of how out-of-touch I am with "popular" music today. And I don't even feel bad about it. If the performances from last night were any indication of popular music, I'm not missing much.


Jen Howick said...

you think your behind - I don't even know who Lady Gaga is!!!!

Emily said...

I agree! Plus what is with that outfit???

Jen Howick said...

now that you posted this, I've been seeing her all over the headlines... I guess it just took someone I know to mention her and so now I actually pay attention. Interesting gal!