Friday, January 30, 2009

A Little Bit of This ... A Little Bit of That

We haven't really done much of anything, but there are a few things here and a few things there worth mentioning.

Ryan has started playing indoor soccer on the Beehive Glass Team. Usually their games are super late on Thursday nights, but last night we got to go to an early game and watch him do his thang. Finley loved it and kept shouting, "Kick it man, just kick it!" Berlin found that doing the worm on the disgusting floor was more fun. Sorry, no picture of that as I was picking her up off the floor all while dry-heaving.

One thing I want to improve upon this year are our Family Home Evening's. Usually we just have a fun outing to the children's museum, go to dinner, or rent a movie with popcorn. It's because I feel guilty now that I'm in the Primary Presidency and I find the need to constantly repent for not practicing what we preach to the kids. But my desire is to have a legitimate FHE lesson, activity, & treat, etc. (you know, old school style) every other week and then limit our fun outings to the other Mondays. These are photos of our first "real" FHE. We did I am a child of God and the kids got to decorate crowns. It was so much fun. Finn's favorite part was leading the music.

We had a couple days of snowstorms and we got quite a bit. To keep the kids entertained we've played the WII Fit (the kids love this!), built caves, and played 'til our hearts content. Gotta love Berlin's fine hair - it's electric!


Celeste said...

It's hard keeping up on FHE -- I've been trying as well. These 2 are ADORABLE!!!!!!

valerie said...

I have been in that indoor arena and it IS nasty. Never have I wanted to take a bath in antibacterial gel so badly.

Hoopesfam4 said...

So, so cute. Every time I read your blog, it makes me miss you guys that much more. Wish we could join you at the games, wish I could see Boo do the caterpillar on the floor (the girls would have joined her in a heartbeat), and wish we were there to hangout during the snowstorms. Thanks for being such a good mom and a great example to me. I need to be better at FHE's too..that's something I've been thinking a lot about lately. Love you!