Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two minds are better than one ...

I say that because Ryan is sitting here next to me, helping me write this blog. What a team. The kids are asleep and we are watching a soccer match on Telemundo and tinkering on the laptop. I love down time.

We spent the last weekend up at Bear Lake with Ryan's Team KWGCS friends & their families. It was a blast and all the kids (801's) played so well together. These are just a few pics from the weekend. I'm sure some of them are still feeling the aftermath of the intense Bear Lake sun despite our many efforts to warn them (encourage them) to apply & reapply sunscreen often.
The local cabana boys - aka Team KWGCS (above)

the 801's - tuckered out after a day on the beach (above)

some of the 801's on the Limber Pine Trail (above)

As I (we) sit here writing we find ourselves humming, singing, laughing to songs from the Flight of the Conchords episodes. Darn those catchy tunes. This is our favorite show right now (HBO - though we watch it on For some good times be sure to check out our top 3 favorite songs from past episodes. We love these guys.

1. Foux da Fa Fa:
2. If your into it:
3. Mermaid:

ok - let's make it top 4, we are having trouble making up our minds:

4. Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros:

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