Saturday, February 28, 2015

Berlin's Baptism 2015

Berlin turned 8 and that means she had the opportunity to choose to be baptized. We gave her the option of being baptized with her cousin the day after her 8th birthday while we were down in San Diego. But she wanted her friends to be able to come and share in the day so we waited until we got back. 

There were 7 kids baptized on the same day including her good friend Gracie. It was so cute to see those two sweet girls sitting on the bench together dressed in their white jumpsuits each with their dad on their other side. Berlin was the the second to last so we got to sit in the chapel and sing a bazillion primary songs. Berlin was able to go see Gracie get baptized during that time and then came back to sing more songs.

I am grateful that I married a man who is a worthy priesthood holder. Not only was he able to baptize Berlin but he was able to lay his hands upon her head, confirm her a member of the church, and gift her the Holy Ghost. I am also grateful for the other worthy priesthood holders in our family who were able to participate. My dad and brother served as witnesses to the baptism and all of my brother-in-laws were able to join in the confirmation circle. Berlin is so lucky to have such good examples in her life of what it means to live righteously, serve others, to love our Savior, and be a good person all-around.



Afterwards we had family and friends over for lunch. Berlin chose to have a crepe bar as it is one of her favorite meals. Ryan spent two nights making crepes, I made nutella mousse, lemon mousse, homemade raspberry sauce, whip cream, to go with fresh blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. It was a big hit.

These girls gave themselves whip cream facials.

It was a beautiful day that ended at Tres Hombres. Love this little girl no matter what she does, but I am grateful that she chose to be baptized and follow in the footsteps of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

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