Sunday, October 6, 2013

Time for Change

For as long as Finley has had hair (since he was 2), we have always kept it on the shaggy side. We love this look and so does Finley. I have always been the one to cut his hair, but lately it seems like that is all I do. It grows so fast and I just felt like it was time to move-on, try something new and let someone else cut it. Finley wasn't happy with the news. He has always owned and rocked the shaggy do, but he was a bit nervous for the change. I asked him why he was nervous and he said he liked the feel of longer hair. So I asked him if I found some styles with shorter sides, but longer bangs would he like that? He said maybe, so I went and found 4 looks online that I liked and showed him the pics. I told him that he could choose whichever one he wanted. Here are the pics he had to choose from:


Finley wanted #3 (the adult). They are really the same cut just styled differently. In the end, I love the way it turned out and so does he. If anyone is looking for a great hairstylist, visit Sheridan over at 27th Street Salon
(2700 S. 1446 East).


He is so handsome!

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