Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine Love

As a child my mom would often leave little treats on our bed leading up to Valentines Day. I try to do the same thing with Finn & Berlin. This year I make heart pouches to hang on their door handle. Each day they got a little treat. Of course there were a couple days where they were so bad that they didn't get anything.

[don't you just love the no girls allowed sign ... he wasn't happy when I told him that it didn't apply to me :)  ]

Then, on Valentines Day they each came home from school to find a pillow pet on their bed. They have wanted one of these forever, but I think they are a waste of money so I refused to buy them up until now. But since they went on sale I caved and got them each their favorite one:

Finley  = Dolphin

Berlin = the Unicorn

Their reaction was priceless and so worth it. Here they are breaking them in:

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