Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gingerbread Houses & Mustaches slideshow

Since our Christmas festivities didn't kick into gear until oh ... Dec 20th or so, we are still carrying out some of our holiday traditions despite the fact that it's well past Christmas. On Friday (New Year's Day) we created gingerbread houses with the kids. I say gingerbread loosely as they were actually made of graham crackers, but really, to little kids it's all the same. Finley took decorating his very seriously and did his entire house by himself. Berlin needed a little help which I was more than happy to oblige. But she still did most of her house (minus the door & windows).

And of course, as always both had WAY more candy & frosting than anyone person needs to consume in a day. This might explain the licorice craziness that later ensued ....

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aj&e said...

okay, seriously. your kids are gorgeous. it's so fun to see berlin has your beautiful lips! AND i am VERY glad that the calendar's date stop not stop you from making sure that ALL holiday traditions are enjoyed! good for you. i think e will be ready for this next christmas...so thanks for the graham cracker tip.